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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I stay overnight at the lighthouse?
    We are working towards this, but accommodation is not yet available. If you would like to be kept informed about future developments, please let us know via email and so we can add you to our mailing list.
  • How difficult is the walk?
    Eilean Glas is accessible on foot all year round. The path from the Out End is firm most of the way, but there are some steep and slippery sections on either side of the beach, near the lighthouse. Walking shoes/boots are recommended, especially if the weather has been wet. Find more info about the walk here.
  • Can I fly a drone at Eilean Glas?
    Unfortunately we can not permit drones to be flown at Eilean Glas. This is due to the risk of collision with the historic buildings on site, especially the main tower – which is still a functioning lighthouse operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board. Drone flights also disturb our visitors who come here for peace and quiet, and present a risk of injury. Medical attention is not close at hand.
  • Who owns Eilean Glas?
    The main tower, the adjoining building and the small square building on the south-west side are owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board. The land within the wall, and the original tower, fog horn and keepers' houses are owned by the Friends of Eilean Glas Trust. The bothy for walkers, on the left as you approach the gate from the beach, is owned by the North Harris Trust. The building by the jetty is owned by the Friends of Eilean Glas Trust.
  • Can I make a donation?
    Our limited funds are primarily dedicated towards maintenance of the buildings. In addition, we try to provide amenities such as information panels, toilets and health & safety provision. If you would like to contribute, you can make a donation to our charity, the Eilean Glas Trust (Scottish Charity Registration No. 034477), via Paypal by clicking here.
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