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How to get to Eilean Glas

The final approach to the lighthouse involves a 1.5-mile (2.5km) walk each way, along a footpath from the Out End on Scalpay. Most of the walk is quite easy, although there are trickier sections as you approach the lighthouse.


Choosing your route

There are three possible walking routes: one is marked 'Heritage Trail' and approaches Eilean Glas along the coast from the north. Another path approaches Eilean Glas along the coast from the south-west.


Both these routes are quite wild, so most walkers choose the footpath from the Out End, which is quicker and easier. This is the route we recommend.


You will need strong and waterproof footwear, especially outside the summer months.

Getting to the Out End

From the village of Tarbert on Harris, take the road heading east to the island of Scalpay.


Having crossed the bridge onto Scalpay, the road bends to the right, followed by a T-junction. At this junction, turn left, and follow the single-track road across the island for 2.6 miles until you reach a small parking area at the Out End, on the left of the road. The postcode of this spot (for your satnav) is HS4 3YG.

Here you will find a signpost 'To Eilean Glas 2.5kms', pointing through a gate to a track leading steeply upwards. This is where the walk begins.

Please note, the space at the very end of the road is for turning only, so please don't park there.

Scalpay Bridge (1 of 1)_edited.jpg

The walk to the lighthouse

Follow the track, and after 500m take the left fork. After another 480m the track becomes a footpath, which will lead you the rest of the way to Eilean Glas.

The path is easy for most of the way, but please take care on the stony descent towards the shore. This area is steep and becomes very slippery when wet.

We regret that it is not currently possible to provide disabled access in the form of mobility vehicles, and we apologise for the disappointment this causes. The path was built as a footpath only, and is marked 'no motorised vehicles'; regrettably, it is not within our power to assist.

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